What is Responsive Web Design?

When you hear one of us at De Ritis Media mention “responsive web design” it refers to a style of site design which readjusts to fit and read optimally on every device. No matter the screen size or resolution, a responsively coded website will adjust the layout and size of its elements to fit nicely and read well. Over the past few years, responsive design has grown from a cool feature into a standard for premium sites.

Every original site we do for our clients is responsive, so their users can get a great viewing experience on a desktop, tablet, phone, etc. We don’t charge extra for a responsive design over a older standards, as we believe it’s not a bonus but more of a necessary function these days.

Take for instance this very site that you’re reading right now. If you were to load deritismedia.com on any of your devices, you’ll see how elements move, resize, and realign in a seamless manner. This is what you can look forward to when being with us as a valued client.

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