April 10, 2013



Hello and welcome to De Ritis Media, a premium web media firm based in the Washington D.C. Metro area. We’re glad you’ve made it to our site. Whether you met us in person, saw a business card, Google’d your way here… we’re confident your tour through our services and portfolio pages will paint a helpful picture of what it is we do, and who we do it for.

magnifying_glass_iconOur Focus

Our main area of focus is web curation. What does that mean, you ask? Well, everyone needs a strong web presence these days, but hardly anyone has the proper maintenance in place. This leads to many problems like outdated contact info, low-ranking Google results, so on and so forth. That’s where we step in, to provide elite webmaster services to the government and small businesses throughout the DC, VA, MD areas and beyond.


badge_iconVigilant Maintenance

We backup your entire site on a regular basis, maintain the server speed at its optimal setting, implement any necessary content updates, and send along highly valuable custom web traffic reports which give you the analytics data you need to succeed.


jumping_man_iconMore Than Just a Website

Additionally, today’s online marketing goes beyond just a website and spreads out into social media. To keep your brand’s strength high on both Twitter, Facebook and beyond, contact us to hear how we can help boost your follower count, increase engagement, and create a more professional, engaging look and feel.

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